Saturday, April 26, 2014

Choosing Batik Workwear for Women

4. Choosing a neutral color

Neutral colors will allow the wearer to determine the type of partner, ranging from accessories to superiors or even subordinates. In this regard, it is important also pay attention to the color of uniforms in the workplace so that all the fittings that support working with batik pekalongan clothing comfort can be achieved maximal. The right color choice will also allow us to perform a variety of work activities to the fullest.

5. Those of you who have small and large body size, here's how to choose

The body should be wearing tiny pieces of material with a thick Sepan. Pieces will make the body look taller. While overwrapped useful add more body contains from outside. Many women who were thin minder when they go to work with dress batik, but with a little trick had been able to build confidence.

Women were smallish and thin very suitable for wearing solid colored clothing or patterned, to the body silhouette looks great. Arrange pieces or a suit with these tricks, to find a suitable combination of work clothes for your intended use.

Another with someone who was big or fat, need work clothes that gave an elegant image of him. Should pick the clothes a little loose and not too tight. In addition to inhibiting motion during the move, tight clothes also gives the impression of your excessive body weight.

Well, the solution is to wear a straight-cut 7/8, and there are parts in the back or the other. Its function is to cover large parts of the body such as the thigh or calf. Indeed batik solo dress size to the large body of hard to find in malls and supermarkets. More trivial you order in the sewer with experience.

Certainly the use of work clothing for petite body and large be a temporary solution, you have to fix the lifestyle in order to get the ideal body. Not too skinny so it looks like bones running, or too fat to such mothers who go to the market. The world of work is requires someone to be able to act perfectly, one by taking care of your body to stay healthy and strong.

6. Stitches shirt

Go outside the house means a woman has a lot of motion, which is not good stitching baju batik wanita clothes pose much of a problem. Such work when suddenly there was a piece of clothing that is torn, because the stitching is less powerful or not perfect. When buying clothes seams look carefully, because it may just choose an interesting fashions but the quality of stitching is also very important.

Ordering clothes in tailor is indeed an answer to the problem of stitching, but to obtain the latest dress toko batik online models describe the model you have to be good at working clothes at the tailor. Ask your friends about the place of work a good tailor, in order to obtain the efficiency of time than driving around town looking for a blus batik seamstress.

Such reviews how to choose clothes for working women. Choose the right clothes in order to work in the office can be done with the maximum. Kreasikan your clothes, work and wake optimism survived the weather in these modern times !

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